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with special guests

Sun., Jan. 11 - 3 p.m.
suggested donation $15 advance, $20 at the door

Connor Garvey opens the 2015 season with his third appearance at

and we can't wait!

2014 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest
Singer-Songwriter Showcase Winner
2014 Kerrville Folk Festival
New Folk Winner
2014 Solarfest
Songwriter Showcase Winner
2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
"Most Wanted" Artist

Connor Garvey's songs are like placing folk-funk guitar & ukulele, soulful vocals, and paradoxical metaphors in an electric juicer- you've never tasted it before, but its intriguing and delectable so you have to keep drinking. His clever, rhythmic string foundations provide a background for his most prominent instrument, his voice. His songs draw the attention of the entire room with  humor, daring honesty, and grace through "a universal message that people can grab hold to just the kind of thing I needed." (Dennis Bigelow-Music Director of KRFC-FM)

It is this connection with his audience that makes Garvey wonderfully successful in his live performances where he invites them to share in the beauty of the moment- the shared night of music.

His newest CD, Meteors & Beating Hearts has all the elements to make it feel like an authentic Connor Garvey record. The grooves are groovier, the emotions are broader AND deeper, the sound is cleaner, the production is tastier. All of this is built upon road seasoned songs already favorites to many fans. The music draws us in but it’s the lyrics that keep us engaged!

Connor Garvey is not only a
consummate performer - he is a
refreshingly unique
MarySue Twohy
Program Director
SiriusXM The Village

We just keep wanting more of Connor Garvey... and we're going to get it!!!

Brad Yoder's unique mix of humorous, poetic, political, funky and edgy original songs, covering a musical range from folk to indie rock (with unexpected musical and lyrical twists), that has earned him a loyal following ranging from kids in single digits through retirees.

The addition of the dynamic upright and fretless bass-playing of Jason Rafalak (plus mandolin and vocal harmonies) has added a new level of excitement and arrangement possibilities to Brad’s live performances. Since their debut at the 2005 Three Rivers Arts Festival, Brad and Jason have been steadily building buzz in Pittsburgh and beyond, playing as widely as Connecticut, Virginia, New York, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Brad has opened for a diverse range of artists, including Erin McKeown, Tegan & Sara, the Cowboy Junkies, Lucy Kaplansky, Carrie Newcomer, the Vigilantes of Love, Emmylou Harris, Robyn Hitchcock, Ellis Paul, and Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel, plus played the second stage for David Gray, Peter Paul & Mary, and Steve Earle/Jackson Browne.


“Buddy Mondlock is consistently eclectic, consistently innovative
and consistently one of the few artists that doesn’t irritate me.
I love working with him and he better keep working with me.”
- Janis Ian

Sun., Feb 8 – 3 pm
suggested donation $15 advance, $20 at the door

Buddy Mondlock writes songs. He does it so well that some great songwriters have recorded his songs on their own albums. Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, and Janis Ian, to name just a few. You might have heard his song “The Kid” (recorded by David Wilcox, Peter, Paul and Mary and Cry, Cry, Cry) and maybe even sung it yourself around a campfire. He draws you into his world - where a single snowflake follows the trajectory of a relationship, where you get you pocket picked by a Roman cat, where you might swim over the edge of the world if youʼre not careful and where dreams that donʼt come true still count.

Writers and Club Owners say:
“Mondlock’s songs are like movies you want to see again. He starts with the same world we all see and hear, but he transforms the sights and sounds into revelations that delight and melodies that linger.”
Ed Morris - Billboard Magazine
“Buddy Mondlock is the most startling new songwriting talent I’ve heard this year. This guy is an American Original, a folk poet whose vision veers effortlessly from wild witticism to soul-piercing insights. Living proof that the troubadour tradition sings on.”
Robert K. Oermann - Syndicated Music Writer
“As acclaimed as he is as a songwriter, he is a fine performer who can create his share of magic with his high clear voice and inventive acoustic guitar.”
David Johnson - Boston Globe
“One of my favorites, Mondlock is brilliant in his word choice, poignant in his observations and powerful in his presentation.”
Kathleen Hudson - Kerrville Daily Times

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“Buddy Mondlock represents the best of the new generation of singer/songwriters in folk music. His writing style is grounded in the traditions of the past, but has it’s heart in the present. He is one of my favorite writers.” - Nanci Griffith

“I first saw Buddy Mondlock while hosting the Ballad Tree, a tradition at the Kerrville Folk Festival. This kid in a bathing suit walked up and played “No Choice” to an audience of 30 - 40 people. By the time he got to the second verse, he had 200 people singing along with him. He blew me away! Pay attention to Buddy; he’s a great writer!” - Guy Clark

“Buddy Mondlock is one of our country’s best songwriters. His approach is gentle and Zen-like, the songs unfurl like little movies and the listener is transported to some distant better place -- and isn’t that what music should be about?” - Ellis Paul


Sat., March 7 - 7:30 p.m.
suggested donation $20 advance, $25 at the door

Sharon Katz was born in Port Elizabeth, now known as Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. As a young teenager during the terrible apartheid era, she used to sneak out to the "Blacks Only" townships by hiding under blankets in the back seat of her friend's car. There, she met with the now-famous actors in Athol Fugard's group, John Kani and Winston Ntshona, and began her lifelong mission of using music to help break down the country's artificially-imposed racial barriers. 

This year, we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Peace Train's original ride through South Africa to help Nelson Mandela break down the barriers that apartheid had created and to usher in the country's 1st democratic election.

Nominated for the Grammy’s “Best World Music Album” list for their first US release, the exhilarating, multicultural, South African band of Sharon Katz & The Peace Train helped Nelson Mandela usher in the ending of apartheid. Making history in 1992 with her 500-voice multiracial choir, Sharon then organized a courageous tour on board a train –The Peace Train – taking 150 musicians and her friends Ladysmith Black Mambazo across South Africa to spread their musical message of peace and reconciliation in advance of Mandela’s selection as the country’s first democratically elected President.

With CNN’s coverage and an invitation to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Sharon Katz & The Peace Train were propelled into an international career that has spanned three continents and coast-to-coast US appearances including Carnegie Hall’s World Music series in New York; The Getty in LA; Disney World’s International Festival; Philadelphia Folk Festival; Smithsonian Institution’s African Art Museum; Alaska’s Performing Arts Center, Des Moines’ Civic Center; Hudson River Clearwater Festival; New York City's Joe's Public Theater; Bethlehem’s Musikfest; Philadelphia Art Museum; World Café Live; and numerous college campuses.

Now based in America, the versatile group of musicians, singers, dancers and workshop leaders thrills crowds of all ages and sizes and take audiences on a joyride from the traditions of Mother Africa to the electrifying jazz-folk-rock fusions of today, with the band’s driving beat, powerful dances and compelling harmonies leaving everyone standing on their feet cheering for more.


Sun., April 12 –3 p.m.

suggested donation
$15 advance, $20 at the door

“John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson”
.                       —Ticket Magazine

In an era of deep division, John Flynn's songs call us together as they speak for the wounded, the weary, and the afflicted; for the prisoner, the soldier, and all the forgotten ones who walk unseen in our midst. Fusing the vision of an activist with the unblinking eye of a truth-teller, John Flynn’s music speaks deeply to the heart and the spirit. A wordsmith and poet of rare clarity, John evokes our shared humanity as he addresses the times we live in. From barbed political verse to joyous fun-loving lyrics for kids, John paints vivid, lasting images with words and music drawn from a palate of awareness, irony, humor, and compassion. John was recently honored for his contribution of his song Two Wolves included in the compilation CD, “All About Bullies, Big and Small,” which won the Grammy as Best Children’s Album of 2012.

Wending the long and bumpy career path that has taken Flynn from popular young Philadelphia-Jersey Shore saloon-singer, to Nashville staff-writer, to social justice activist, and nationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, the severely middle-aged, father of four has steadfastly avoided the kind of navel-gazing, self-indulgent songs that have too often plagued the contemporary folk scene; songs that his friend Arlo Guthrie refers to as being in the “key of me”.

Yet the glimpses of truth, self-awareness, and unvarnished compassion that years of laughter, love, action, faith, and heartache can offer to us all, could not help but continue to surface ever more forcefully in the writing of a man who has been paying rapt and loving attention to the land he travels for a living.

Within the context of his new album, these and other honestly written and beautifully rendered songs, Poor Man’s Diamonds further secures John Flynn’s growing reputation as a courageous, heart-centered truth-teller.  The circle of believers is growing. Listen to the CD! The songs just might “let you in”!

“Every song I write always feels like my first,” Flynn says of the trade he’s practiced for more than three decades. ‘I guess that’s why I love it so much. It’s almost like that Buddhist concept of the beginner’s mind. Each song challenges you to seek and see new possibilities. Maybe that’s where the album title came from. After all these years, I feel like I’m just getting warmed up.”

Today, John's shows draw from a significant body of work, ranging from his early country offerings to story songs, love songs, songs for kids, funny songs, songs of social justice, and meditations on loss, tolerance, faith and hope.  The 54 year-old father of four spurned touring when his children were young, but as the kids grew older superlatives began to welcome their dad's arrival to the national folk stage. In 2005, Arlo Guthrie invited John to join musical legends like Willle Nelson and Ramblin' Jack Elliott on the historic "Train to New Orleans" tour following Hurricane Katrina. And Ticket Magazine wrote that “John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson”. Kristofferson has written liner notes for John, and has sung on three of Flynn's CDs


An evening no one wants to miss!

Sat., May 9 – 7:30 p.m.

suggested donation
$15 advance, $18 at the door

His music swirls with themes of lightness, darkness, clocks ticking, fiddle looping, weeping willows, slide guitar bending, cynicism, hope, and the cycles of life and rebirth. If you love a moving song and musical madness, Joe Crookston delivers it all, the melodies, the lyrics, the energy, and a deep passion for exceptionally well-written songs.

Artist, writer, singer, guitar picker, painter, claw hammer banjo player, eco-village member and believer in all things possible.  You’ll be pulled in by the magic and musical world he creates and you’ll end up in the moment, humming & buzzing with the rest of the crowd.  He’ll sing to you ~ You’ll sing with him…He’s plumbing for lyrical gold, like some kind of social archeologist.  His story songs are universal, masterful and his concerts are a grand celebration of all of us.

His music has been recorded and performed by Irish harpers, a cappella gospel choirs, solo artists, and bluegrass bands. 

for Joe, it’s less about awards and quotes, and it’s more about this:
“I am learning to trust that my voice as a songwriter. Be who i am. trust the stories and follow no trends.   More and more I find that when I tell my true story, it has wider breadth, deeper impact, and resonates more clearly.

After years of creating, I do feel as though I’ve honed a way of writing and performing that has identifiable themes and expresses my quirky uniqueness.

Joe: There is a Georgia O’Keeffe quote that I love, and I’m paraphrasing:  ”The parts of ourselves that we are most self-conscious of, are the parts of ourselves that are most uniquely true to who we are!”

I see my job as an artist to have the confidence to sing, play and perform from this deep/true place inside of myself despite what is hip and cool at the moment.”


Sun., Sept. 13 – Kim & Reggie Harris

Sun., Oct. 11 - TBA

Sun., Nov. 8 - Honor Finnegan

Sat., Dec. 5 – Brother Sun
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